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August 28, 2008


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Deb Gilburg

This is the first blog response I've written ever. I figure I need to start somewhere, and thought, why not with Kathy!
My youngest started Kindergarden this fall too. Now both my kids are in school and I have more time for my stuff -work, volunteerism, exercise, whatever. Its great! Its also a transition - they are now part of a community that is their's, and not always mine. But that's okay, because we have our own connections there and seeing Rachel learn about the rules and the characters ("Whitey" the janitor, Mrs. Holland, the nurse) and become a part of this world that her big sister has inhabited for 3 years - its wonderful. Her eyes get big as she talks about this place - big and serious and precious. Since school started, she has picked half a dozen fights with me - I'm her outlet for pent-up feelings - but tonight, a big step. Rachel wants to stop fighting and proposed a plan to receive one chip (poker chip) a day for listening and not fighting. 10 chips gets her a choice of various rewards - time with daddy, Alice or me. WOW! I think Kindergarden is going to be great for her - a chance to find out about what she can do, and who she can be in the world outside our home.

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